Henna Brows

What are henna brows?

Henna has been used for centuries for all kinds of body decorations, but in the eyebrow area it is a fairly new application. The base of brow henna is also the henna plant, but there are pigments added that provide the color. Unlike henna used for body decorations, brow henna only has to leave-in for 25-55 minutes instead of a few hours. In contrast to ordinary eyebrow paints, such as Refectocil, eyebrow henna does not only color the hair but also the skin. The color stays up to  6 weeks on the hair and  weeks on the skin. Everybody's skin retention to the product is different; skin conditions/skin types all come into play when estimating how long the color will last.

How it's done!

First we shape, wax, then trim the brows before agreeing upon a color together. In addition to henna, you need a product to make the skin clean and grease free in advance. We prep the skin with a makeup remover then a brow soap. After cleaning the area we find the perfect color for you, then apply, let dry and remove. On many clients the color is perfect straight after the application, however, if there is some warmth it can cool down as quick as 10 minutes and on some clients, it can take an hour or two for the warmth to fade. This does depend on the colors used and the base hair colour of the client. We use the Ellebana Henna Brow kit that also contains nutrients to help restore hair growth and the natural shape of the eyebrows.