Logan Lopez

Owner & Founder . Eyebrow Artist . Esthetician . Entrepreneur

Logan Lopez has a particular keen eye for eyebrows, and it was early on that she discovered her love for the beauty industry! Her daily experience with her own high maintenance, sparse, light blonde eyebrows lead her to eyebrow micro-pigmentation. The very natural, semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing that is known today as Microblading. Immediately after her first session of Microblading, she left with self confidence that gave her  a new sense of self love. A feeling that she could never forget.  An overabundant feeling that she wanted to share with the world. She instantly had her sight set on transforming the faces of men and women. With a passion for art within her, that was discovered at a very young age. As she grew older her canvas of choice grew to be people.

In 2016 Logan became licensed in Permanent Cosmetics and opened Perfect 10 Beauty Bar in The Woodlands, Texas. Logan's desire for everyone to experience the confidence she felt when leaving her microblading session has set her apart in this industry. After one year in business she discovered her passion for skin care, another aspect of her business that she has added to her salon. She later graduated with her Estheticians license from The Aveda Institute in May 2018. Her continued education and knowledge in the industry has motivated her not to only focus on eyebrows, but all aspects of beauty that make people feel more confident in their own skin. She now has her sight set on creating a new concept beauty studio that will offer the latest and greatest beauty services, all in one studio. Ultimately creating a one stop shop for all your beauty needs; to make you look and feel your best each and everyday. 

Melissa Reyes

Licensed Aesthetician 

Melissa Reyes has always been a fixer at heart; regardless of the issue she is always there to give her advice to try and solve a problem. Her genuine personality and honesty is what every client needs when dealing with their skin care needs. Her friendly attitude has always brought her closer to people, making them feel comfortable and open. Melissa’s love for skincare started in her younger years while struggling with her own skin issues. Through the years she found a routine that cleared her skin and also found confidence in being able to self-diagnose and cure her skin problems. She sensed a self-love that she never had felt before and she had a desire to share this experience with others. Melissa graduated from The Aveda Institute in May of 2018 with her esthetician license; with a motivation to turn her passion into a career. Melissa continued her education since graduating by getting licensed in chemical peels, micro-needling and derma-planning. Her love for corrective skin care has blossomed over the years; by helping others gain their confidence back and feel gorgeous in their own skin is what drives her to continue her education and exceed is this industry.


Savannah Rigdon

Eyebrow Artist

Savannah Rigdon has over 6 years of experience in the beauty industry. Her passion for the industry started over 4 years ago where she worked at Sephora as a makeup artist and beauty consultant. Savannah relies on her background as a makeup artist and uses her customer service skills to ensure that each and every client has an amazing experience in her care. The talented Microblading Tech has always had an eye for makeup and fashion, and is a natural-born artist. Savannah is certified by Perfect 10 Microblading Academy, by brow guru Logan Lopez; Owner and founder of Perfect 10 Beauty Bar in The Woodlands, Texas. Savannah is passionate about her work and strives to continue to perfect her technique.
If you’re looking for a subtle change, want to enhance your natural shape, or are looking for bolder brows, Savannah is eager and happy to give you the eyebrows you have been dreaming of.